Artemis takes the time to find the source of your issues and empowers you with tools to take control of your recovery.


Treating the cause of your issues instead of just the symptoms, educating you, and providing strategies for self-care and
long-term healing.


Using a pro-active treatment approach in combination with a clear fee-based model improves pain in fewer visits and saves you time and money.



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Artemis Physical Therapy

Artemis Physical Therapy

“Sally is highly knowledgeable, easy-going, compassionate and confident in her treatment. I have seen at least 4 different physical therapists over a 10 year period for various issues, but her treatment is different. I was debilitated by back pain when I went in the morning and now 12 hours later I am pain-free after my one and only appointment with her. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”
– Jenna

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Meet Dr. Sally Moores, PT, DPT, OCS

Dr. Sally Moores is a vibrant, energetic clinician who brings a dynamic, eclectic approach to physical therapy. She combines hands-on manual techniques with activities to re-educate and improve the communication with the brain and the muscles, decreasing pain and maximizing movement efficiency. She also adds in a heavy dose of education to ensure that her patients understand their diagnosis and are armed with self-management techniques to independently deal with their individual issues.

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Using Out-of-Network Benefits for Physical Therapy

Using Out-of-Network Benefits for Physical Therapy

Using out-of-network insurance benefits used to be unheard of, however, in light of the increasing trend of paying more money (think higher premiums, deductibles, copays, coinsurance)- it is becoming a more popular choice with people who are looking for...

Breast Cancer Surviorship and the Role of Physical Therapy

Breast Cancer Surviorship and the Role of Physical Therapy

The conundrum of the more than 2.8 million breast cancer survivors in the United States: MD to patient: Congratulations! You are cancer-free Patient: That's fantastic news! I still have pain, though. MD to patient: But you are cancer free! Patient: Wonderful! But I...

5 Tips to Protect your Back while Shoveling

5 Tips to Protect your Back while Shoveling

Shoveling is one of those chores that you just can't seem to let go when living in New England.  The last snow storm sent a lot of people to me with back pain and it looks like we are going to get hit with a late winter blizzard. Though I love to treat people,...

“I found Sally after having zero success recovering from a low back injury with a different PT covered by my insurance. After 12 visits and excruciating daily pain, I skeptically went to see Sally believing I was bound for back surgery. From the first visit, Sally gave me a home program to alleviate the pain keeping me from daily life and gave me suggestions on how to do daily tasks around my home and work without pain. She made herself available to see me at the last minute when I had a flair up and is extremely positive. I can’t recommend her highly enough and wish I would have found her 7 months ago.”


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