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Artemis is a unique physical therapy experience with patient-centered 1-on-1 care in Marblehead, MA. Specializing in chronic pain, pelvic health, cancer recovery, and weekend warriors.

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A new physical therapy experience for North Shore, Marblehead, Swampscott and Salem communities

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Spine Health

Hands-on solutions for neck and back pain at Artemis Physical Therapy in Marblehead, MA.
Slept funny? Tweaked something? Feeling stiffness or pain in your lower back? Whether you’re experiencing temporary discomfort or recovering from an acute injury, Dr. Moores is your go-to expert for back and neck pain — and even headaches.

Pelvic Health

Pelvic health at Artemis Physical Therapy
You don’t have to accept pelvic pain and dysfunction as just “part of life.” From low-back pain during pregnancy to uncomfortable sex, Dr. Moores has extensive training in pelvic health and is dedicated to restoring patient confidence at any age.

Cancer Care

Cancer care at Artemis Physical Therapy
Cancer patients and those in remission can move through life without pain, while maintaining the strength to do the things they love. Dr. Moores has 10 years of providing compassionate care to men and women overcoming cancer.

Meet Dr. Moores

With 15 years experience in physical therapy, Dr. Moores is a board-certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist who is passionate about educating & empowering patients.

I had ongoing shoulder pain that was hindering my ability to work and practice yoga. Sally was both clear and patient as she explained the daily exercises that I would have to do on my own to heal my body, eliminate pain, improve mobility, and build strength. She restored my health and happiness! I highly recommend her!

- D.H.

Free phone consultation

Wondering if physical therapy at Artemis is right for you? Enjoy a free, 30-minute consult before you begin PT.

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