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We all know life doesn’t stop for back pain, neck pain, or headaches. Regardless of how you feel or how well you move, you still need to get to work, take care of the kids, and find time to do the laundry. Fortunately, Dr. Moores is an expert in spine health and getting clients back to their lives. She will not only address your pain and discover its root cause, but she will empower you to learn what to do if it happens again — getting you back to your life quicker.

Dr. Moores is trained in the McKenzie Method® of Mechanical Diagnosis and Treatment (MDT). This is a well-researched, patient-based approach to eliminating spine pain and restoring movement. Dr. Moores not only believes in this method because of its simplicity and effectiveness, but it was also the technique she used to treat herself after a debilitating back injury.

I was roughhousing with my son on the playground. I did a lift-spin-twist that knocked me to my knees. I practically crawled home. I clearly had a full-blown disc herniation. I had excruciating back pain with radiation down my leg (sciatica). I also had neurological foot drop (I couldn’t lift my foot off the floor), and my big toe was numb. I couldn’t care for my son, I was a grumpy wife, I could barely drive, there was no way I could sit, and working was miserable. I did everything I knew to treat myself and I was recovering, but not fast enough. Coincidentally, 2 weeks after my injury, I took my first MDT course. After learning the MDT method and practicing on myself, my leg pain was gone in 2 days. Within another week, I had full control of my foot. I was sold and have used this method successfully on hundreds of patients. On a side note, I also eliminated my daily headaches. - Dr. Sally Moores

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