I have been to physical therapists before for other issues and found them to be super helpful, but this was an entirely different (for the better) experience. Sally restored my health and happiness! I highly recommend her! - D.H.

Physical Therapy

General Orthopedics

Dr. Moores is a board-certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist (OCS). If you have pain or can’t move well because of an injury to a muscle, ligament, tendon, or bone, Artemis PT will lead you down a path toward recovery.

Moving through pain & injury >

Spine Health

Back pain, neck pain, or headaches? Dr. Moores uses a research-driven, patient-based approach to eliminate spine pain and restore movement — getting you back to life, work, and play with confidence.

A healthy, pain-free spine is possible >

Pelvic Health

Dr. Moores educates, treats, and supports patients of all ages (both male and female) who are experiencing pelvic health issues.

No, you shouldn’t “leak” when you sneeze >

Cancer Care

Building and maintaining strength and stamina while guiding patients through the myriad musculoskeletal issues that accompany cancer treatment.

Healing through movement >

See Dr. Sally in the clinic or at home!

Visit us at our office in Vinnin Square, Monday through Friday. Or, we’ll come to you!


How do I get started? When will I feel better? What can I expect at my first appointment? We have answers to all of your commonly asked questions

Free phone consultation

Wondering if physical therapy at Artemis is right for you? Enjoy a free, 30-minute consult before you begin PT.

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